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Media Kit

1. Introduction

POPDETAIL is a general contractor for brand building. We specialize in the Design, Entertainment and Fashion Industries. You tell us your problem and we find you solutions. We can be retained for one time projects or extended terms. The following information is meant to reveal a little more of what we are about, but we would love to hear from you directly. Please feel free to contact us at POPDETAIL through our President, Michael Neumann, by using the information provided on our website (

2. Portfolio Projects

Popdetail's Founder & President, Michael Neumann was recently selected to be the inaugural featured interviewee for the premier digitally distributed "trends" oriented newsletter "podcast" via "itunes" technology produced by the award winning and genre leading Frankfurt, Germany based ad agency known as "Neue-Digitale", who have recently been ranked in the top ten of all modern "communication agencies", and known by many for their work with such clients as Adidas, Yoji Yamamoto, & Red Bull Energy Drinks. Visit the agency's website at ( ) to hear the interview with Michael "Mic" Neumann or to check out transcripts, credit notes, cataloged articles, and related website links.

Popdetail is responsible for bringing together American designer Marc Ecko , and his companies: "Marc Ecko Enterprises", "Ecko Unltd", "Ecko Red", "Cut & Sew", "G-Unit Clothing", "Zoo York", "Avirex", and his publishing imprint "Complex" Magazine together with "Airborne Entertianment" for a new mobile phone based entertainment partnership. For more info visit ( ), ( ), & ( ).

Popdetail President, ( Michael ) Mic Neumann, is responsible for inspiring the iconic "Skull & Lightening Bolts" logo that appears on the hood of the lead character, Kurt Russell's car, in Quentin Tarantino's "Death Proof" titled half of the Robert Rodriguez "double bill" feature known as "Grindhouse" after Mic Neumann and Quentin Tarantino met at the infamous International San Diego "Comic Con" to successfully discuss working together in the future on a new Weinstein Company franchise specialty label known as "Dragon Dynasty"
that specializes in martial arts films. Quentin Tarantino loved the "Skull & Chopsticks" logo created by Mic Neumann for his international "Kung Faux" television series known as "Kung Faux" so much that he used it as the basis for his "Skull & Lightening Bolts"
logo design seen throughout the movie. For more information check out ( ) and the ( ) websites or ( ) for details.

Popdetail is responsible for helping entrepreneur, Graham Hill, choose the name for his website, ( ), which is now ranked as the number one rated website on the internet catering to the "Green" lifestyle with a sense of art and style, which has been further fortified by such partnerships with Popdetail affiliate, the "Sundance Channel" via their "Treehugger Blog" at ;( ).
Don't be bitter, be Better.

Popdetail President, ( Michael ) Mic Neumann, is also the founder of the film and television production company known as "Dubtitled Entertainment" who's website and company logo was the inspiration for the band logo of the Rock & Roll super group known as "The Killers"
after Mic Neumann's "Dubtitled Entertainment" shared an early office with the artist's manager and record label owner, Martin Heath, who was responsible for signing "The Killers" first to his record label known at the time as "Lizard King Records" before ultimately folding label and the band into a deal with "Island Records". For more info visit ( ) and ( ) or ( ).

Popdetail's founder and affiliated production company, "Dubtitled Entertainment" ( ) were recently retained by video game company powerhouse, "Rockstar Games" to cast the entire roster of voice over artists for their top selling and award winning video game titled, "State Of Emergency",( ). The talent recruited for this project included some of the top names in music, television, film, and the contemporary art world, along with a "Best of Show" award honor from the pinnacle of video game trade shows, the "E3" Trade Show ( ) further reinforces "Popdetail's" ability to reach into the heart of pop culture and achieve a client's brand strategy goals.

Popdetail was retained to contract set design artists and companies to facilitate a futuristic setting within the celebrity suite of Ian Schrager's "Royalton Hotel" in New York City for a photo shoot featuring celebrated hip hop producer, the "RZA" from the legendary music group known as the "Wu Tang Clan", and more recently known as the music score collaborator on legendary film director, Quentin Tarantino's hit film "Kill Bill : Volume 1" for a series of publicity photos.

Popdetail was recently retained by, Donna D'Cruz, the founder and president of the "Rasa" Music" record label ( ) that legendary spiritual advisor, author, and pop culture figure, Deepak Chopra, calls home in an effort to expand their artistic resources for evolving their brand new creative identities in the areas of print, web, dvd, and television.

Popdetail was retained by, Andy Nulman, the founder and president of the leading entertainment distribution company in North America known as "Airborne Entertainment" ( ) to recognize and resource both well established and cutting edge prospects as possible future content providers for the rapidly expanding mobile entertainment industry. "Airborne Entertainment" is home to the first ever "Platinum" selling mobile wallpaper brand courtesy of "Maxim" magazine as well as home to such brands as "HBO", "Family Guy" from 20th Century Fox Studios, and "Kung Faux"(, the creation of "Popdetail" founder, Michael Neumann, and his affiliate companies "Dubtitled Entertainment" ( ) and "Tommy Boy Films" ( ).

Popdetail was recently retained by the Japanese based division of the legendary French Automobile manufacturer, "Peugeot" to recruit a group of a various alternative marketing companies for their planned launch of a new car model aimed at the rabid pop culture consuming and high style minded Japanese consumer with a taste for internationally cross pollinated product. Visit ( ) for a taste of this hybrid fusion international tastes, and visit ( for a sampling of this product "designed for your pleasure".

Popdetail was recently retained by BMW International, the parent company behind the always in demand "BMW" automobile brand, the ever popular "Mini Cooper" car brand, and the super luxury auto brand "Rolls-Royce" via their senior international marketing officers and the German creative shop known as "Skop" to lend our commentary, views, and future forecast projections regarding current & historic aspects of worldwide popular culture, and their influences on entertainment, brands, media formats, and consumer tastes. Visit the following websites at,, and for more information.

Popdetail in collaboration with Dubtitled Entertainment for Tommy Boy Films created the complete brand strategy and identity direction for the brand and launch of the TV+DVD series known as "Kung Faux" which can now be seen on cutting edge television channels around the world and can be found as a variety of licensed products in some of the most diverse international retail sites worldwide. Visit,, or for more information on the "Kung Faux" brand and series.

Dubtitled Entertainment was conceived by Popdetail's founder, Michael Neumann, in the Spring of 2000 and manifested in the Spring of 2001 as a co-venture with the legendary independent music label, TommyBoy, and its founder , Tom Silverman, in an effort to launch a new venture known as "TommyBoy Films". For more information, visit

Popdetail is responsible for assisting the legendary film director and oscar winning screenwriter, Cameron Crowe, location scout infamous New York City nightspots for inspiration in his recreation of Los Angeles based studio sets for select scenes of his film, "Vanilla Sky", starring Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, and Jason Lee.

Popdetail’s president, Michael Neumann, is also a founding partner in the Seattle based design collective known as has recently completed such projects as the limited edition trainer; a collaboration with Puma Footwear and their Jil Sander designed special project concept shoe. This limited edition shoe is available at cutting edge specialty retailers such as "Colette" in Paris and "Beams" in Japan, where you can also find designed limited edition clothing and artwork. Go to, or for more details.

Sweet Mother Recordings is a Popdetail affiliate that has produced specialty compilation CDs for such companies as Nordstrom and Wallpaper Magazine. Popdetail has helped package deals for Sweet Mother Recordings to produce custom CDs for such hip lifestyle retailers as Canteen (NYC), Mercbar (NYC), Mercbar (Phoenix), Samsonite (Italy) and the DKNY store (NYC). For more information go to

Popdetail is responsible for bringing together Stone Gossard of the music group,"Pearl Jam" and Mammoth Records founder, Jay Faires, in order to secure one of Mammoth Records musical groups known as "Fu Manchu" in an opening slot for select show dates of the "Pearl Jam" live concert tour.

The Ace Hotel in Seattle is a Popdetail affiliate that is cited numerously as an example of the hip boutique hotel phenomenon. Popdetail helped the hotel in consultation by providing small design solutions for such things as window treatments, as well as resourcing hip artists from across the country to supply original artwork in the individual rooms. For more information go to

Popdetail created the strategic alignment of two of its affiliates by pitching and securing a record label, management, and marketing deal for a hip hop and new music collective known as "Indie 5000" which works with such cutting edge artists as Prince Paul and Mr. Len from the group "Company Flow." "Indie 5000" the record label was through Popdetail’s connections and marketing contacts assimilated as a new division into the multimedia company known as "Paradise Music and Entertainment." For more information on both companies go to ( and (

Popdetail is responsible for finding the first in a chain of New York City and Hampton's locations for the legendary Miami nightclub, "Groove Jet" and it's high profile impresario and partner, Andrew Sasson.

Popdetail is responsible for bringing together its affiliates Tasty Shows and Details Magazine’s Special Projects Director, Jauretsi Saizarbitoria , in combination with Popdetail’s extensive list of music contacts to produce the musical entertainment content for Artisan Films year 2000 Academy Awards "Oscar" Party. Artisan Films is most noted for its success with the independent film juggernaut that it released known as "The Blair Witch Project." The musical entertainment involved live performances from the Icelandic alternative band, "Gus Gus," and the Austrian electronic duo, "Kruder & Dorfmeister" at Quixote Studios in West Hollywood.

For the creation of a new website for Popdetail affiliate, Indie 5000, Popdetail used its "General Contracting" skills to resource some of the best new cutting edge companies from around the country to help put together the New York City based company’s website under the direction of Indie 5000 founder, Matt Goias. For design we selected the Seattle based company known as Houston. For more information on Houston go to their website, For the hosting and coding of indie5000, we selected the North Carolina based company known as idesigns. For more information on idesigns go to To view this new website and witness their works in progress, go to

Popdetail established the concept and contacts for surf wear and sportswear clothing producer Quiksilver to manufacture and distribute a limited edition CD in collaboration with the indie record label know as "Loosegroove." Loosegroove has recently celebrated the sale of one of their bands "Queens of the Stone Age" to the hot major label "Interscope." Pearl Jam band founding member, Stone Gossard is also a co-founder of Loosegroove Records. Go to and for more information.

Popdetail resourced computer laptop bags from the New York based company "Yak Pak" to be used as promotional giveaways for a Microsoft special event put on by Popdetail affiliate "Tasty Shows" in Las Vegas. This event featured a performance from the band "The Squirrel Nut Zippers" who are signed to Mammoth Records, another Popdetail affiliate. For more information go to, and

Popdetail is responsible for resourcing it's website creator and affiliate,, for the task of creating and re-launching the website for the legendary New York City based concert promotions and record company known as "Giant Step" aka "The Groove Academy". Visit

Popdetail established the sponsorship negotiations for Tasty Shows and the Japanese couture designer Issey Miyake for a proposed ten-city American Tour featuring legendary Japanese recording artist Ryuichi Sakamoto. For more information go to or

Popdetail is retained by celebrity entrepreneur and hip boutique hotelier, Andre Balazs who’s hotels include the Mercer Hotel (NYC), The Chateau Marmont (LA), and the developing Standard hotel nation wide chain. Popdetail is helping develop strategic alignments for product development under the Standard brand identity as well as unique marketing and advertising systems to be executed through the Standard Hotel’s exclusive delivery systems.

Popdetail is also helping develop strategic alignments for product development for the "Ford Models" brand by working with the head of Ford Models and celebrity entrepreneur, Katie Ford. For more information go to

Popdetail is responsible for resourcing key personnel and contacts in the areas of advertising, sales, marketing, and operations for the urban lifestyle website known as Platform Network. Go to for more information.

Popdetail is responsible for creating the cross marketing campaign concept for the release of the "7th Art" film "American Pimp." This is the first film to be released by the "Hughes Brothers" since their film, "Dead Presidents." The soundtrack for the film is available through "American Recordings" and the marketing partners for this project include such Popdetail affiliates as, Indie 5000,, and Ecko Unlimited. For more information contact Nasty Little Man Public Relations at or Seventh Art Releasing at

Due to non-disclosure agreements we can not name specifics for this project but, Popdetail is responsible for establishing the alignment of a New York based celebrity entrepreneur and a referral only celebrity car service for the purposes of creating a new and unique direct marketing system service.

Popdetail is responsible for resourcing personnel as well as sponsorship idea vehicles to plug into the variety of projects established by New York celebrity entrepreneur, Serge Becker. These projects range from event promotion and sponsorship to a high concept publication launch. For more information go to or

Popdetail was called upon by world famous photographer, Albert Watson to help cast a series of television commercials for the San Francisco based website, A broadway related theme was chosen for the project and Popdetail called on its extensive list of contacts to retain the services of such actors as Alec Baldwin, Bernadette Peters, and Savion Glover. Go to for more information.

Popdetail is responsible for assisting Calvin Klein Jeans retain the services of the lead singer of the popular rock band "Buck Cherry" for its recent Calvin Klein Jeans campaign. Go to or for more information.

Popdetail is responsible for expanding the strategic partnerships of Hi Frequency Entertainment Marketing, the North Carolina based leader in youth marketing. Areas of expansion include street marketing, branding, and advertising based affiliates.

Popdetail is retained by celebrity entrepeneur Sean Macpherson, who’s businesses include the Las Vegas "Hard Rock" Hotel and Casino’s in-house club known as "Baby’s," as well as such famous Los Angeles bars and restaurants as "Bar Marmont," "Jones," "El Carmen" and the developing "Swingers" chain. Popdetail is helping develop strategic alignments for product development and brand identity as well as unique marketing and advertising systems to be executed through Sean Macpherson’s collective group of exclusive consumer delivery systems.

Due to privacy agreements we are unable to reveal the specifics of this project but, Popdetail is responsible for resourcing and introducing a new music and comedy content provider from the ranks of MTV and a nationally syndicated radio show to a new entertainment website created by the founder s of the phenomenally successful For more information go to or

Popdetail is responsible for helping the Popdetail affiliate know as "Rudy’s Barber Shop", establish its strategic partnerships with the Standard Hotel, Burberry Clothing, Commes des Garcons Fragrances, and its New York City contacts for pending New York based locations. For more information go to

Popdetail is responsible for resourcing music for a television commercial for a highly rated American talk show that is internationally as well as nationally syndicated in conjunction with the network’s agency of record. Due to Popdetail’s client privacy agreement, we are unable to name the specifics regarding this project. But, we can say that Popdetail was able to draw from its extensive list of contacts in the music industry to produce an amazing amount of finished works from some of today’s top musical artists, producers, record labels, and production companies for an outstanding result.

Popdetail was responsible for creating the strategic alignment between Mammoth Records and a new e-commerce site developed and funded by Vulcan Ventures. This Partnership initially offers special buying opportunities for items promoting George Clinton, signed to Mammoth Records, and Woodstock not available anywhere else on the Internet. Items include a commemorative Woodstock t-shirt and a CD bundle of the best of George Clinton and "Parliament/Funkadelic." The first new “Funkadelic” album in almost 20 years will be released on Mammoth Records with a new "Parliament" album due next year. For more information go to

Popdetail was responsible for placing underground celebrity artist "Kaws" into a featured article in Details Magazine showcasing photos of his artwork as well as an in-depth interview of the artist and his accomplishments. Look for an exclusively published book on "Kaws" and his artwork from Popdetail affiliate, "ARO.Space", in collaboration with the Paris based innovator and retailer, "Colette", a celebrated leader in the fashion industry and artist community. For more information on "Colette," please visit

Popdetail was responsible for the photo shoot casting for Italian GQ Magazine and the world famous photographer Albert Watson. This consultation required the enlistment of numerous young artists, painters, sculptors, filmmakers, musicians, and writers for a sixteen page piece on young creative New Yorkers on the verge of breaking big. POPDETAIL drew on its extensive list of notable contacts in these fields for an extremely successful result. Go to POPDETAIL's home page to see a sample of the photos.

Popdetail was responsible for launching the acclaimed field marketing company, Hi Frequency Entertainment Marketing, based in North Carolina into the arena of consumer products by enlisting them with the POLO Jeans Company for the nationwide launch of their new product line TO2 Clothing, a junior brand created by fashion designer Todd Oldham and its companion website, Together they created a grassroots effort that comprehensively drove consumers to their website and participating retailers. For more information, go to

Popdetail was responsible for placing Mammoth Records recording artist and MTV "Buzzworthy" recipients, The Freestylers on the SFX and Levi Strauss & Co.’s ( "Fuse" Tour featuring the bands The Goo Goo Dolls and Sugar Ray for up to approximately forty cities nationwide.

Popdetail was responsible for launching the premier issue of Nylon Magazine. A young women’s title founded by supermodel, Helena Christensen and the creators of RayGun Publishing. This consultation included Advertising Sales, Brand Marketing, and Personnel Hiring, as well as resourcing their Legal Services, Website Builder, Art Director and Los Angeles offices: located in a collection of suites in The Standard Hotel on Sunset Boulevard. The Standard is owned by famed hotelier, Andre Balazs, who also owns The Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles and The Mercer Hotel in NYC. For more information, go to

Popdetail was responsible for the opening of the New York offices of RayGun Publishing. RayGun Publishing put out the alternative music title, RayGun Magazine, and the young men’s lifestyle title, Bikini Magazine. This consultation included Advertising Sales, Brand Marketing, and Personnel Hiring, as well as the resourcing of the interior design and execution of the office through the revered collective, Totem Design. For more information, go to

Popdetail was responsible for establishing the sponsorship of the powerhouse clothing company, Tommy Hilfiger with the highly publicized Paskowitz Surf Camp. The Paskowitz surf camp is a California based surf school for all ages run by legendary longboard champion, Israel Paskowitz and his large extended family. For more information, go to and

3. References

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