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POPDETAIL Incorporated is a modern sales and marketing company, a hybrid of the agency and consulting group business models. We like to describe POPDETAIL as a general contractor for brand building.

POPDETAIL INC. was established in January 1997 as a culmination of nearly a decade of work in the Music, Fashion, Event Sponsorship, Advertising and Marketing world of POPDETAIL's founder and president, Michael Neumann.

In a world of dizzying change, internet grappling, increasingly jaded consumers and the paradoxical demands of mass customization, you need to be in a constant evolutionary state.

Success today relies on multi-level interaction, constant awareness and subtle attraction. Todays consumer has been conditioned to gather, absorb, and decipher information quicker than ever. They know what they like and don't like, but also enjoy the process of changes in their taste and the next new thing. The key is to try and capture your target consumers desires of today and evolve with them while keeping an eye on the next emerging consumer demographic powerhouses of tomorrow.

The internet gave rise again to the effectiveness of specialized companies working together to deliver answers to specific needs. This "community" approach allowed smaller companies the ability to become visible on a larger playing field while still keeping their independence, personalized service, and fresh originality that make them desirable, unique, and affordable.

POPDETAIL has interpreted this model for concept marketing and sales.

POPDETAIL in addition to its own talents for formulating original ideas and executing strategic marketing plans, has assembled a group of companies from around the country that are considered to be cutting-edge leaders in Nationwide Network Marketing, Urban Marketing, Music, Visual Arts, Design, The Internet, Magazines, Publicity, Concepts and Event Sponsorship.

POPDETAIL affiliates maintain offices in New York, California, Washington, Florida, North Carolina and the United Kingdom. POPDETAIL and its affiliates have contributed to such companies as Levi Strauss & Co., Pepsi Cola Co., Netscape, Microsoft, Giorgio Armani, Hasbro Toys, NBC, Quiksilver, Polygram, Time Warner, Club Monaco, Nordstrom, Puma, Adidas,Tommy Hilfiger, Sony and RCA.

POPDETAIL assesses your list of needs, then delivers a menu of possible solutions and resources as well as a plan of execution and collaboritive feedback for your comprehensive review.

POPDETAIL with its enlistment, will instantaneously increase your arsenal of marketing tools and your effectiveness for today's fast paced and everchanging market place.

All information discussed with POPDETAIL regarding your company will be kept private and confidential. Initial conversations, consultation, and proposal are free of charge. Please contact us at your earliest convienence for questions or more information, and thank you in advance for considering the services of POPDETAIL, Incorporated.


Michael "Mic" Neumann
President, Popdetail, INC.